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Botanic Garden

It's Kate's first date as a widow, and she's desperate to get out of it. There's only one person who can help: Jake, her deceased husband.

Botanic Garden premiered in Chicago in 2008. It featured Carmen Roman and James Leaming and was directed by Academy Award-winner Olympia Dukakis. In 2016, Botanic Garden won Best Play at the New York Theater Festival. Since 2008, it has been performed at more than 40 venues throughout the United States.

See the full play below.

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“Dukakis’s empathetic direction and the easy rapport between Roman and Leaming leaven the truthful difficulties of leaving a loved one behind and going on about the business of life.” –Time Out Chicago

“The ending is so poignant and cathartic that this reviewer was moved to tears.” –

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“The play touches on love, loss, and traveling through life with a soul mate with all the ups and downs, bumps and bruises” – Scott Phelps, Artistic Director Citadel Theater

Botanic Garden is an inventively constructed portrait of an imperfect marriage between people who always loved each other, even when they didn't get along. Scenes shift between their present day conversation and scenes from their marriage - scenes that will ring familiar to anyone married a long time." –Daily Herald

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See the full play below as performed in 2016 at Citadel Theater, directed by Ann Filmer and featuring Carmen Roman and James Leming:

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Do You Know This Man?
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