Do You Know This Man?
Do You Know This Man?
Persistence of Vision

Persistence of Vision

Listen to the original cast recording of Persistence of Vision, a play by Todd Logan.

Set in the emergency room of a nameless hospital, Persistence of Vision tells the mysterious story of a patient with chest pains and the resident who is assigned to take his chart.

The original cast recording is currently available above to listen for free.

Persistence of Vision premiered with Tops or Bottoms in 2003 at the Chicago Dramatists. It featured Cheryl Golemo and F David Roth and was directed by Richard Shavzin.

The Windy City Times wrote:

There are certain experiences we all go through. When these are handled in literature, on the stage, or in some other form of artistic expression, these experiences are called universal. Todd Logan has a firm grasp of the universal in his two new world premiere one acts… Logan does what good artists do best: he doesn’t tell us about these experiences or why they’re important, he dramatizes them.

Tops or Bottoms and Persistence of Vision are good examples of what can happen when playwriting, savvy, talented performers, and a tasteful creative team conspire to create something quiet, but great.

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Do You Know This Man?
Do You Know This Man?